Matthew The Poor, Orthodox Prayer Life, pp.14-15

Today, Forgiveness Sunday, I started reading the book I received to read every day of the Great Lent. I hope to share some pearls of it every day.

“Christ has granted us not only to know Him
and believe in Him,
but also to live in Him.
he gave us the Holy Spirit not only to teach us,
but also to dwell within us,
remold us, and renew our minds.
The Holy Spirit takes every day what is Christ’s and gives it to us.

Life in Christ then,
is action,
and ceaseless growth in the Spirit…

Prayer progressively brings about an essential day-by-day change in us…
This is brought about through God
while man remains unconscious of the change…

Prayer is opening oneself toward the effective,
and imperceptible power of God.
Man can never leave the presence of God
without being transformed and renewed in his being,
for this is what Christ has promised.
However, such transformation will not be in the form of a sudden leap.
It will take its time and course
as an imperceptible but meticulous build-up…

When the soul ascends to the world of true LIGHT,
which is within its own being,
it begins to feel in harmony with God
through constant prayer.”


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