Matthew The Poor, Orthodox Prayer Life, pp.25-31

“We must also know that every secret converse,
evry good care of the intellect
directed toward God
and every meditation upon spiritual things
is delimited by prayer,
is called by the name of prayer,
and under its name is comprehended…

In its true essence,
prayer is a communion with the heavenly host
in praising their Creator.
It will surely end up as such
when all things are put in subjection to God the Father…

When we delve deeply into the life of prayer,
we end up with the conviction that
it is an act of glorifying God,
a divine ministry of transcendent honor….

The foundation of prayer
is paying absolute honor to God’s will:
‘Thy Will be done,
on earth as It is in heaven.’
For this reason,
prayer inevitable demands that
man relinquish his own will:
‘Not my own will,
but Thine be done’ (Lk 22.42)…

Without prayer,
man loses the meaning of his existence
and the purpose of his creation.”


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