Alexander Schmemann, Great Lent: Journey to Pascha, p.33

Apart from my personal reading for Lent this year, see my other posts of Orthodox Prayer Life by Matthew the Poor, every night, after our Vespers prayer, my husband and I read to each other a few pages of this classic by Schmemann.
By the way, reading aloud to each other is a wonderful experience – we usually alternate a paragraph each. We started doing this on the 1st day of Lent, and I have the feeeling we’ll go on after Lent.

So yesterday, we had this gem:

Sad brightness:
the sadness of the exile,
of the waste I have made of my life;
the brightness of God’s presence and forgiveness,
the joy of the recovered desire for God,
the peace of the recovered home.
Such is the climate of lenten worship;
such is its first and general impact
on my soul.”


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