Matthew The Poor, Orthodox Prayer Life, pp.284-287

This post concludes my reading of this amazing book by Matthew The Poor. It was my Lenten book this year, and tomorrow is Pentecost! Just in time!

“…They are so enflammed by the Spirit
with such joy and love that,
if it were possible,
they could gather every human being
into their very hearts,
without distinguishing the bad and the good.”
St Macarius the Great, Homily 18.8

“What, succintly, is purity?
It is a heart that shows mercy to all created nature.”
St Issac the Syrian

“What is the sign that a man has attained to purity of heart?
When he sees all men as good
and none appears to him to be unclean and defiled.”
St Issac the Syrian, Homily 37


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