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Rock Art News- Summer 2010
The annual Rock Party
Easy rock patterns for kids
A special offer!

How do bloggers do it? That’s what I ask myself every time I realize too many months have passed since my last newsletter. My mother always says that time passes faster and faster as you get older. Seems impossible that it could spin by with more velocity than it does right now, but I think I recall saying the same thing a few years back, at a time that, in retrospect, seems like a much calmer, gentler time.

This past June I was once again among those celebrating the 11th annual Rock Painter’s Get-together at Wandra and T.Joe’s place near the shores of Table Rock Lake, not far from Branson, Missouri. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; each year is different, but every one of them has been a great time of fellowship, laughter, creativity and friendship. This year people came from as far as Georgia, Kansas, and even Chicago

The weekend starts off on Friday when we create a convoy to trek down to the Little Buffalo River, near Jasper, AR. There’s a low water bridge that crosses the river, and the riverbed is paved with water-tumbled rocks of every size and shape. Imagine a cobble stone street, but one where it’s acceptable to pick up any stone that speaks to you.
It’s especially exciting for people who usually have to visit a rock yard to buy their raw material!

After everyone has loaded up rocks to their heart’s content, we climb back in our cars and move en masse to the Ozark CafĂ© in cute mountain town of Jasper, to enjoy their award-winning burgers. Someone always has to get an order of fried pickles! After lunch, we work our way back to Golden, Missouri. Some of us camp at nearby Viney Creek, a Corp of Engineer’s campground on the lake. Others stay at a small family-run resort called Fisherman’s Haven. Still others roll out sleeping bags or squeeze a cot into one of the Dee’s porches or extra rooms.

The next morning we start painting as soon as we’ve finished admiring the sunrise over the lake and had enough coffee and breakfast. T. Joe transforms his boathouse into a studio for the weekend, and we all grab our brushes and an inspiring rock, and get to painting. While we paint, we talk among ourselves, exchanging information about paint brands and colors, brushes, sales tips, or sharing photos of rocks we’ve painted. This year we were all in awe of Emma’s stained glass inspired pieces, as well as her wonderful color sense. Susan and Jan wowed us with their creations, as did Phil and sweet Kathleen, who also moderates the webclub on Yahoo that brought so many of us together ( Patsy managed to get some painting done, despite spending much time circulating among us, spreading cheer and telling stories. Several `newbies’ joined us to try their hand as rock painting as well..

Summer is a perfect time to introduce the creativity and fun of rock painting to your kids or grandkids. To facilitate that, I want to offer some easy painting patterns that are perfect for new painters. Feel free to download and print these patterns to help young people in your life discover the joy of creativity.

Since the last newsletter, I got the happy news that Painted Garden Art Anyone Can Do is now available at Lowes Home Improvement Centers. Since they sell many of the concrete landscaping elements used in the book, it’s a great place to have it on display.

Speaking of Painted Garden Art Anyone Can Do, I have gotten some scratch and dent returns of that book that I can offer exclusively to readers of my newsletter. These are books that are basically in great shape other than having a bent corner or slight scuffing to the cover. The damage is so minimal that they would make fine gifts, and they sell for $22.99 retail, but I am offering these copies for $12.00 a copy, including postage. If you’d like a signed copy, send a check or money order for $12.00 to:

ArtStone Press
9328 Hwy 62 E
Green Forest, AR 72638

In the meantime, I hope the rest of your summer is full of wonderful rocks to paint, and wonderful memories to savor. Feel free to share your painting stories and photos with me (small files, please)



The Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann, 1973-1983. pp.107-207

More excerpts form Schmemann’s Journals:

In unity,
distinctions do not disappear
but become unity, life, creativity.
Feb 11, 1976 – p.107
I wish I could apply this to unity between Christian Orthodox jurisdictions, but these past few months do not seem to point n that direction, alas – and that would make Schmemann so sick!

What I say does not come from me,
only how I say it.
All creativity is to make sure
that the how corresponds to the what;
that is the cooperation of man with God,
the mystery of human freedom.
Feb 18, 1976 – p.108
I like applying this to my painting.

Does not what is most important in our life, the divine,
happen to us, so to say, not without our knowledge, no,
but when we completely give ourselves up,
almost die for a while?
It’s strange.
Nov 4, 1976 – p.133
Strange and so true… It won’t happen unless you die to your false self.

The power of sin
is not in being tempted by obvious evil,
but in the imprisonment of the heart
in all sorts of little passions
and in the impossibility
to freely breathe and live.
Dec 26, 1976 – pp.139-140
Even so much more true today than at Schmemann’s time, I would think. Let’s take only as example time people spend in Farmville…

The uniqueness of Christianity is
the “immanent character of the transcendent,”
and the “transcendent character of the immanent.”
Feb 5, 1979 – p.207
I could use this to prepare for weekly confession:
What attention have I paid to the transcendent manifesting itself in my daily life, encounters, activities?
Have I lived these encounters and activities merely on the immanent level, or have I touched to their transcendent dimension?