My story

About me and my rocks

How did it all start?

I was born in France in 1966.

As a child, I loved painting. I remember the days, I was less than 10, when I would use some old worn out pieces of sheet and nail them on wood, to have my home made canvas!

Then in 7th grade, I had a haha experience: at that time, all French students had at least an hour of art classes per week, basically from 10 to 18. I loved them.

My 7th grade art teacher was fantastic. One day, he asked us to bring a postcard representing a landscape. Then we had to glue it in the middle of a sheet of paper, and with paint, we had to prolong the postcard on the paper. The goal was to have it so perfect that you could no longer see the limits of your original postcard. This is a fantastic exercise to work on colors. That was a revelation for me, and ever since, i have been attrracted to what you could do with color.

I then did some more paintings and drawings, nothing terrific to mention though.

One day in 2001, I was going through the Crafts shelf of a library, and found this tiny old book on rockpainting.

It was soooooooo cute, i exclaimed right away: I want to do this!

Well that book was only on fish, so for months I just painted fish and fish…

Then little by little, I dared some other things.

Later, I met a couple of artists, freinds of mine, who recommended I take pictures of my rocks.

I did, and my first website was born!

My newest rocks are on

Now I also refurbish some old things. There will be a few displayed here, under Non-rocks Paintings.





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